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How to “BUY” a website – free guide.

buying a company website a free guideWould you like free and unbiased advice on how to actually BUY a website? from someone who sells them?

I recently wrote a document aimed at IOD (Institute of Directors) of which I am a member, that goes into detail about how to do this. A step by step guide on ensuring you get the best website for your business, irrespective of what you do.

Sound a silly idea?

I have over 23 years experience in advising clients companies on what sort of website they need, want or will need in the future. Let’s face it, buying a corporate website is often a traumatic experience for the buyer. The task is often given to a “young” web savvy person, the in house IT folks, or businesses sometimes use an outside contractor to do the work for them.

However the person that SHOULD be involved is often not. A Director or Owner.

Most Directors feel they do not either have the time, or more often the willingness to get involved with such a purchase. If I can put it like this: If you were to buy a, lets say; vehicle, some machinery, a new factory or Office for your company you, as a Director would definitely be involved.


Because you know about those subjects and therefore feel comfortable when buying them. But how comfortable do you feel when thinking about your company’s website?

The document I have written gives you simple pointers, and is un-biased, i.e. it doesn’t sell Clickingmad. It just provides advice on what to do, when to do it and what I think are some good rational reasons why Directors should get involved in purchasing something that not only represents their company, but also can be a major factor in the marketing, client communications and indeed potential success of your own business.

I paste an extract here:

“Decide what the purpose of the website is. Many websites have been created without a good reason for their existence. Look at the following list and tick off those points that you want your website to achieve. I want my website to:
  • Be a good advertisement for my company
  • Sell my products and/or services online
  • Encourage enquiries in to my company for what we do
  • Act as a brochure or reference to assist my existing sales operation
  • Tell customers when we are open and closed
  • Show our customers where we are
  • Give our customer examples of what we do
  • Explain we are very good at making/providing/supporting what we sell
  • Explain how our customers can contact us in various ways
  • Give the website visitor a good idea of what makes us special and why they should buy from us
  • Tell visitors about the history of our company
  • Tell visitors about the staff in my business
  • We want visitors to see images & videos about my company’s products and services
  • I want visitors to download documents about my company, or my products and services
  • We want my customer to connect with us using social media
The above list is not exhaustive, but should be a good starting point. TIP: Give this table to your staff and see what they think.

I will be posting more excerpts of the contents over the coming weeks. If you would like your own copy of this free and unbiased document then email me at shaun@clickingmad.com and I will send it to you. No strings and no spam.

National Contractor, Shaylor Group, Launch New Website

National contractor, Shaylor Group, has launched a new website this month, showcasing their impressive experience spanning multiple industry sectors. The website has been both designed and built by recognised and recommended website design agency Clickingmad Ltd, a Shropshire based company with offices in London and Birmingham.

Ivet King, Sales Manager at Clickingmad, Stephen Shaylor CEO of Shaylor Group and Aine Girn; Communications Executive, Shaylor Group
Ivet King, Sales Manager at Clickingmad, Stephen Shaylor CEO of Shaylor Group and Aine Girn; Communications Executive, Shaylor Group

Shaylor Group specialises in designing, constructing and maintaining the built environment, and has worked on substantial projects all over the country, with clients including The Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Trust, The Royal Bank of Scotland and British Transport Police. Shaylor Group is a family-run company with offices in the Midlands, London and the South West making them a regional contractor with a national presence.

Shaun Carvill, Managing Director at Clickingmad said ‘We are extremely pleased with the Shaylor Group website. It was a welcome challenge for our team at Clickingmad as it is quite technical and we feel the project ran smoothly and resulted in a high quality website.’

Stephen Shaylor, CEO at Shaylor Group comments ‘Clickingmad have been very professional and creative to work with and provided valuable advice throughout the process. The website gives a strong visual representation of our substantial experience across a number of sectors and the UK mainland region. We are particularly proud to be able to display a live mapping page showing all current and upcoming projects nationally.’

Shaylor Group’s new website can be seen on www.shaylorgroup.com
Clickingmad can be found on www.clickingmad.com

Shropshire Estate Agents launch their new website developed by Clickingmad

Tempertons Estate Agents have launched their brand new website, allowing clients to search for properties available for sale and to let throughout the area. The website has been designed and completed by well known Shropshire website design agency: Clickingmad Ltd, based in Bridgnorth.

Tempertons are an independent firm of Estate Agents who provide residential property sales, lettings, mortgages and surveys within Telford and immediate surrounding areas. The launch of their new website allows all their residential property sales and lettings to be viewed by potential customers, with the facility to filter and view properties on a map, view energy certificates, look at floor plans and make viewing enquiries.


Ivet King, Sales Manager at designers Clickingmad said “We are extremely proud to provide Tempertons with another new website. Website owners need to move with the times and bring the latest in website trends to their clients which Tempertons have invested in.” She said.

Andrew Temperton, comments: “Clickingmad have provided us with another great website. Their professionalism and attention to detail sets our website apart from the rest and provides detailed information about our properties. We are extremely delighted with the result.”

The launch of the new website is set to increase sales and enquiries dramatically. The new user-friendly design allows customers; existing and new, to easily navigate their way around the website and find all of the relevant information about the properties and services Tempertons offer.

Their new website can be seen on www.tempertons.co.uk