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Watch out for this Google docs phishing email

google docs phishing email

If you have received this “Google docs” phishing email in your inbox – DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK.
This is another phishing attempt.
Google Docs is a great online resource allowing you to create, store and share documents, spreadsheets and other useful things. The problem is that if you click on the link in the email it goes to what you might think is a selling website.
Where does it take you?

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Another nasty Amazon scam to watch out for

Nasty Phishing email. If you get this one in your email, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK.
Just saw this one and thought I would let you know.

It’s well designed and may fool a lot of folks. The only obvious mistake is the poor English and incorrect email address.

It will likely cripple your machine if you click a link.

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“Comcast” Phishing email

Quick notification of another scam in the form of a phishing email that suggests you have paid an American cable company with your credit card.

The links are all to a .ru domain (Russian) and go to a .php file, which could seriously harm your computer at the very least.

Don’t click anything and don’t forward it!

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Some nasty new emails to watch out for..

Your pc is at risk of infection if you click on a link or open an attachment  in these emails

Phishing emails on the rise again – don’t get caught!

I came across 3 new spam/phishing emails and one Trojan Horse email this week alone. I thought you need to know about them and consider yourself warned NOT to open any link or attachment.
Phishing Email 1
Apparently I’ve bought a phone from and this is the shipping confirmation.

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Phishing email – would this one get you?

Here is an update to this 2011 post about another phishing email received.

My colleague received this phishing email yesterday:

From: (my real first name and surname) [mailto: mdprivatemailbox @]
Sent: 21 June 2016 11:32
To: XXX  XXXX – XXXXXXX Ltd (my  colleagues real name and company)
Subject: Quick Request

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