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Slow websites can hit sales. Check your speed now.

free website speed testSlow websites affect whether your users engage with your content.

What do you know about your website’s speed?

You may recall my February 2016 post about “Can you do it in 4 seconds?”. (To read that in a new window now click this link: www.clickingmad.com/blog/can-you-do-it-in-4-seconds)

In that article I was suggesting that a slow website could hurt your rankings in Google. Now the BBC has reported on the same topic, so I must be onto something.

There is now evidence that speed of a website can impact on the actual sales volume of an online ecommerce store. The BBC ran a story recently on a report by US metrics company; Dynatrace, that the speed of a website loading has a direct affect on sales success. (Read the BBC article here)

As websites have become more complex in functionality, with multiple and often larger images, embedded videos, downloadable documents and other “rich” content, websites have become slower. As our broadband speeds through fibre and 4g have become quicker, websites have been allowed to become more cumbersome; slowing them down – again.

“…Globally, the average page load time
has gone up by 7% compared to last year…”

Norstrum, a US fashion retailer reported a fall in online sales of 11% when its website response time slowed by just half a second! When your sales total £10.6 billion per annum, that’s a significant amount.

Your websites physical hosting can also affect its speed performance. Many websites are on cheap shared servers as just “being live” was the most important thing at the time, and not the quality of the hosting itself.

Unfortunately the website design industry often neglects the technical performance of the websites that they create. If your website has any commercial impact on your company then you need to look carefully at the hosting setup. Is it fast? Is it secure? This is really important.

So it’s not just what Google thinks although lets face it, that’s important enough. It’s also about how quickly users expect the speed of your website to load on their devices.

If you ignore the speed of your website, you ignore the success of your website.

Would you like to know how
quick your website is?

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How much is your shopping cart costing you?

Have you ever searched, successfully found the product you were after on a website, popped it into the shopping cart and then eventually left the website?

This is called “cart abandonment” in the “trade”

There is some recent research that I think is very interesting. Research carried out by LivePerson. The online chat company. They have surveyed thousands of shoppers across Europe, the UK and the States.

An extract about shopping cart abandonment follows;

“Faced with a plethora of competitive website options, shoppers are becoming more demanding in their online shopping preferences. If they can’t find what they need easily or access help quickly and effectively on a website, they will go elsewhere. Customer engagement is known to increase customer spend and loyalty, and is paramount in the quest to reduce abandonment rates.

The top reasons for abandonment of online purchases:

– Unexpected delivery costs. (70%)
– Lack of information about product/service/delivery (56%)
– Navigation difficulties (46%)
– Difficulty with online customer service/support, e.g.,wanting to ask a question or not finding the answer (37%) and difficulty in getting any help on the website (30%)
– 83% admit they need some form of support during their online journey
– 51% either try once or give up immediately when seeking help before an
online purchase
– 71% expect to be able to access help when purchasing online within five minutes – 31% expect help to be immediate
– If a response is not delivered in the expected timeframe, 48% of shoppers will either go elsewhere or abandon the purchase altogether”.

Clearly then, there are multiple reasons why web visitors abandon a proposed purchase on a website.

You need to look closely at the statistics on your website and then consider carefully if your drop off rate is acceptable given the user trends highlighted by LivePerson. For more information on this research please visit www.liveperson.com.