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Phishing email – would this one get you?

Here is an update to this 2011 post about another phishing email received.

My colleague received this phishing email yesterday:

From: (my real first name and surname) [mailto: mdprivatemailbox @]
Sent: 21 June 2016 11:32
To: XXX  XXXX – XXXXXXX Ltd (my  colleagues real name and company)
Subject: Quick Request

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More on Google Spear Phishing Problem

As an update to my post (/blog/2011/05/google-hacking-thru-spear-phishing/) on the 28th May. I read an article on the BBC iPad news application which confirmed that it was this type of “Spear phishing” that resulted in high ranking email and account details of folks in the US and in Far Eastern countries being compromised.

It’s worth a read on this link:

Please remember never but never, click on any link in an email that says something has changed on your account or login details or some such nonsense. This includes emails apparently from your bank, an online service, your credit card company, your email provider. If you see one in your inbox, contact the organisation concerned by using their official website contact method, or phone them. If you’re unsure then call us for free and we will advise.

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