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Do you ask for Visitor Feedback about your website?

Would you answer this Feedback question?
If you could get your website visitors to complete a short survey to give you some feedback about your website, would you want them to?

I think this is an excellent way of getting an important question answered.

After all if a visitor leaves your website without ever interacting with you, what is the value in that?
We work with software that records visitor actions – anonymously.
This system lets you see heat maps that show the level of interest that website visitors have on areas of your pages and your website but also it provides a anonymous video recording of the website visitors activity, specifically their mouse movements and realtime clicks around your website.

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A Successful Partnership

There is nothing more satisfying in business than finding something that truly works for you and it is even better when you can then recommend it to other businesses. We started using Lead Forensics back in 2013 to work alongside our sales team.

To put it simply Lead Forensics is a clever little piece of tracking software that allows you to see which companies have been on your website. Very useful indeed!

After seeing successful results for ourselves we thought why not refer this service to our clients. We have since become a Platinum Partner with Lead Forensics and are continuing to shout about it.

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Improving Web Conversions

Communicate with your buyers to improve your conversion rates.

In business we have to communicate all the time, both internally and externally. Your company’s website is your opportunity to communicate your key messages to your next customer. Your website speaks for you 24/7/365 – whether you like it or not. If you don’t look critically at your website messaging you might be sending out the wrong message.

I always suggest client have their content written professionally. A good journalistic style without fluff and to the point will result in more enquiries in my experience. Since most business products and services are now researched online your potential customers already know a great deal about your business before they contact you. The question is are you controlling the information they are learning about you effectively? It will certainly make the difference to whether you get the phone call, email or the order.

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Ports Presentation by Shaun Carvill

I was recently asked to give a presentation at the BPA conference in Scarborough. For those who don’t know the BPA is the British Ports Association and is a collective of businesses all of whom run our Ports in the UK.

My Topic was loosely “Websites for Ports” but I mainly focused on two key areas; Usability and Visitor tracking.

I firstly gave some critique on two of the delegates websites who were kind enough (or foolish enough) to put their website forward for a little eyeball by me. I was rather clever in being able to show the assembled audience of some 150 delegates both the “old” and the “new” versions of each of my victims websites. And fortunately the audience agreed that the changes that happened to the websites had been positive in both instances on re design.

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