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Why should your website be secure?

You may notice at the top of this page that the name of the website has been highlighted in a green box.

Google want your website to be secureThis box, and the fact that it is green, indicates that we have installed an “SSL” into our website. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This means that the connection between your computer and our website is encrypted and secure.

You will most often notice a padlock, green or otherwise on ecommerce websites, again to indicate that the website offers a secure connection; obviously very important if you are about to put your personal or financial details into it.

Q. So, why should Clickingmad, a website design and website development company spend money on an SSL when we do not offer any transactions or store your details on our website?

A. So that Google helps our website rise above others who don’t have one.

“For these reasons, over the past few months we’ve been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in our search ranking algorithms. We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.”

This is a direct quote from Google’s own blog: www.webmasters.googleblog.com. Click the link to read the full article if you like.

We opted for frankly, an expensive SSL, one that checks our company details, checks our website and even phoned us to verify who we are.

You don’t need to spend lots on an SSL but you should definitely look into having one installed on your website. Certainly will we be contacting our clients to help them arrange this very soon. If you want one in yours, why not give us a shout?

“We want to go even further. At Google a few months ago, we called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web.”

So this appears to be just the start of the Internet becoming a safer place to be.

Perhaps we have to look to Google to use its dramatic influence to move this along. When money is concerned through website rankings and therefore website success, I think it will.

I think websites becoming safer is a good thing. I hope you do as well.

National Contractor, Shaylor Group, Launch New Website

National contractor, Shaylor Group, has launched a new website this month, showcasing their impressive experience spanning multiple industry sectors. The website has been both designed and built by recognised and recommended website design agency Clickingmad Ltd, a Shropshire based company with offices in London and Birmingham.

Ivet King, Sales Manager at Clickingmad, Stephen Shaylor CEO of Shaylor Group and Aine Girn; Communications Executive, Shaylor Group
Ivet King, Sales Manager at Clickingmad, Stephen Shaylor CEO of Shaylor Group and Aine Girn; Communications Executive, Shaylor Group

Shaylor Group specialises in designing, constructing and maintaining the built environment, and has worked on substantial projects all over the country, with clients including The Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Trust, The Royal Bank of Scotland and British Transport Police. Shaylor Group is a family-run company with offices in the Midlands, London and the South West making them a regional contractor with a national presence.

Shaun Carvill, Managing Director at Clickingmad said ‘We are extremely pleased with the Shaylor Group website. It was a welcome challenge for our team at Clickingmad as it is quite technical and we feel the project ran smoothly and resulted in a high quality website.’

Stephen Shaylor, CEO at Shaylor Group comments ‘Clickingmad have been very professional and creative to work with and provided valuable advice throughout the process. The website gives a strong visual representation of our substantial experience across a number of sectors and the UK mainland region. We are particularly proud to be able to display a live mapping page showing all current and upcoming projects nationally.’

Shaylor Group’s new website can be seen on www.shaylorgroup.com
Clickingmad can be found on www.clickingmad.com

Freight Forwarders, N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd Support Border Collie Trust through their website.

Main Release Image- small
Ulrike Gill; Director at N Gill Exports and Imports, Ben Wilkes; Trustee at the Border Collie Trust and Reilley the Border Collie.

Freight Forwarders, N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd, have launched their brand new website this month, to give information to customers on their range of air, land and sea freight services for both importing and exporting. The professional-looking website has been both designed and built by well established website design agency: Clickingmad Ltd through their innovative Giving Websites Project.  

Based in the UK, N.Gill Exports and Imports Ltd are long established freight forwarders and wanted their new website to reflect their knowledge and experience. The Giving Websites project provided them with a new professional website and to support a charity at the same time.

Ulrike Gill, Director at N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd comments ‘We were delighted when we found out we could support a charity through our website. Being Border collie owners ourselves it was ideal that the Border Collie Trust were part of Giving Websites. We are very pleased with the website as it looks great and works well for us.’

Ben Wilkes, Trustee of Border Collie Trist GB said ‘It is always great to have a business make a donation to you but to be supported on a regular basis is even better. We would also like to thank Ulrike and N Gill for the generous donation of toys she bought with her when she came to visit us.’

The new website proudly displays the Border Collie Trust logo and shows the long term relationship that has now been created. Not only can customers see that N Gill are a well-established and trustworthy company but also that they are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility on a regular basis as well.

logo with dark backgournd
Their new website can be seen on www.ngillexportsandimports.co.uk
More information on the Border Collie Trust; www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk
Giving Websites can be seen at www.givingwebsites.co.uk