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A Successful Partnership


There is nothing more satisfying in business than finding something that truly works for you and it is even better when you can then recommend it to other businesses. We started using Lead Forensics back in 2013 to work alongside our sales team.

To put it simply Lead Forensics is a clever little piece of tracking software that allows you to see which companies have been on your website. Very useful indeed!

After seeing successful results for ourselves we thought why not refer this service to our clients. We have since become a Platinum Partner with Lead Forensics and are continuing to shout about it.

Not only have some of our clients benefited from this great service but it is yet another thing we can mention to other businesses we meet and we know it works. It is a product we believe in and can speak about our own success since using it.

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Tracking your website visitors

I have just come across a really cool way to track your website visitors. If their company has its own IP address, which more and more have as they have proper networks installed, then you can see who they are (within reason). Its called Leadlander and I have an article about it on our new website soon to be released. To keep upto date on the expected launchdate for our new website please send me an email on shaun@clickingmad.com.

This can help to track your web visitors activity, help with your outbound marketing and see what search terms they have used.