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Using YouTube on your website. Good Idea or Not?

Using YouTube on your website. Good Idea or Not?

I am often asked whether using YouTube asĀ a delivery method for Movies on business websites is a good idea. The simple answer is, yes it is a good idea.

Why?. In October 2010 Google wrote to it’s partners and said that it encouraged “mixed media” on websites as it may help in Google rankings. That’s probably enough reason to do it actually.

But I also think it’s a good idea because it helps website visitors understand your company, your ethos and your products and services.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that I did quickly the other day. It’s a shame I don’t look like George Clooney but on the other hand you wouldn’t expect him to beĀ introducing Clickingmad and our range of services. Or would you?

“YouTube” spam is potentially more than nasty…

You tube is one way “into” google. Spear phishing at it’s most cunning

I received this today and I think you should be informed..

An email supposedly from YouTube saying that your video is “on the top of YouTube”

It looks very authentic and is piggybacking the YouTube email address so you can’t see that it’s not from there.

There is a link in it for you to check, and because you are so excited to see that your video is “on the top”, you click it.

You then get a nasty website selling apparently Canadian drugs, or put more simply; unofficial Viagra etc.

There may well be something much more sinister within the link as well so my advice is Don’t Click The Link. Delete the email straight away and warn your friends.

Here is the screen shot of the email I received..