Teaching Clients how to update their website

Updating websites is very important. It’s important for various reasons;

  • Nothing is worse than seeing “last updated in 2006” or similar
  • Your website visitors will appreciate that you are updating your website and will thank you for it
  • Google will love it…. and therein lies the key.

I had a quick chat with an existing client today who came to the office to discuss a revamp of their existing site. (more on that in a later post). During the discussions we touched upon updating and the reasons on why it’s important.

We are now offering Blog integration into bespoke design for very reasonable prices. We use Blog software because it is very easy for the client to update, we can make it look like the clients main website and most importantly Google loves our blogs.

Blogging is part of the “Web 2“ revolution, it’s been adopted by the “Social Media Crowd” along with Facebook and Twitter. It is certainly becoming more popular with businesses and is proving to be a worthwhile tool to build web enquiries.
Get one today!