The 2015 web gets religious – why not?

Another BBC article I found interesting:

Everyday Church Online, which launched in the UK in September, runs virtual services every Sunday for a net-based congregation from around the world. Everyone’s invited to log on and chat while a recorded sermon is streamed. So far, people from 61 different countries have logged on, according to online pastor Darren Parker. “There are lots of reasons why people can’t get to church on a Sunday so we thought we would bring the church to them,” he says. “The chat room is like the foyer of a church.”

Virtual prayer requests received from the global congregation have included:

  • thoughts for a patient in UK children’s hospital Great Ormond Street
  • a lady struggling with work in the United Arab Emirates
  • a family in Switzerland who log on via their smart TV
  • Its first Christmas theme is Star Wars, the subject of three festive sermons.

“We found some real truths [in the franchise] which compare to Christmas,” says Mr Parker. “The new Star Wars is called The Force Awakens. Our sermons are called The Hope Awakens – it’s about awakening hope for humanity.”

The Star Wars sermon will be running throughout the day on the church’s website.

Check out their website here:

This and other interesting “Christmassy” type stories are on the BBC page here: