Watch out for these 2 scam emails

UKPC parking fine scam emailUKPC Email Scam

I picked this up today and having been the recipient of a real parking fine recently (embarrassing) I read it carefully.

It is spam and the link, which is quite enticing goes to a completely different website that has some nasty things in it.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK and delete the email straight away.

Final Notice for Domain Email Scam

SEO Domain expiration scam

I received this today from a client asking if it is real. I have received lots of the exact same scam email myself, This one is more clever as it lists real domain names and real personal information about the domain owner. That way it looks authentic. IT IS NOT.  This is complete nonsense so DO NOT ENGAGE with this one either. This is just a simple financial scam and the apparent service is nonsense.

The reason why more folks are caught with this one is because they use the real registrants name and address and the real domain name. This information is freely available online so don’t think because they have that it is real. It’s just a scam.

Stay safe.