Web Security – A nightmare we are all living through now.

not so secure
So the padlock may mean your data is not so secure. Get advice for your website!

I read an interesting report today HERE that lists some alarming statistics put together by Verizon in conjunction with the US Secret Service and the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit.

The report has some very scary figures in it indeed. For example check out this lot:

  • 83% of victims were targets of opportunity (no change on yearly stats)
  • 92% of attacks were not highly difficult (Up 7% on last year)
  • 76% of all data was compromised from servers (fortunately down on last year by 22%)
  • 86% were discovered by a third party (up 25%on last year)
  • 96% of breaches were avoidable through simple or intermediate controls
  • 89% of victims subject to PCI-DSS ( a high data security standard) had not achieved compliance.

So lets get this straight, 96% of breaches were avoidable…. WOW!

So its clear even on these truncated figures that providers, networks and data storage is not organised very well at all.

Mine (and your) data is often stored on PCI-DSS compliant servers. But if 89% of the providers of these services are not reaching the required standard, whats happening to our data?

Also if 92% of attacks were “easy” what are these network guys and girls doing? Installing and keeping their fingers crossed? It would seem so.

I recommend reading the article. HERE 

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Before your competitiors find out how to take it from you.