Javascript Frameworks


JavaScript is the key language for the development of client-side interactions and was originally developed by Netscape.

Client-side software is becoming increasingly complex. Demand has increased for rich user interactions across a wide range of devices and platforms.


JavaScript frameworks help address this demand by extracting commonly required functions and encapsulating them in the form of cross-platform, cross-browser libraries.

Examples of JavaScript usage may include:

  • A sign-up form can check if your user name is available when you enter it.
  • A search box can give you suggested results while you type, based on what you’ve entered so far. Often referred to as “auto complete”
  • Information that changes constantly can be loaded periodically without the need for user interaction, for example sports match results or stock market tickers.
  • JavaScript can enhance the interfaces HTML gives us. Perhaps providing options that can be “suggested”
  • You can use JavaScript to animate elements on a page – for example to show and hide information, or move images and text to form a presentation.
  • As Apple devices have yet to agree to display FLASH animation, JavaScript can be used instead.

Clickingmad has experience in developing efficient JavaScript using the jQuery, MooTools and Prototype and libraries to not only add functionality to a site but also combine with our website design expertise to improve the site further.


jQuery is used by 55% of all websites and accounts for 90% of JavaScript library usage worldwide.  Primarily aimed at DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation, it is used to build website elements such as image galleries, sliders and other sophisticated controls and behaviours.

You will find many examples of jQuery usage on this and many of our clients websites.