PHP & MySQL Development

You may have the impression that we pride ourselves on our technical ability at Clickingmad. You would not be wrong.

For those who enjoy reading more about this the following may be helpful.

PHP development

PHP is the world’s most popular language for server-side web development, powering over 78% of all websites today [source:]. PHP is a modern object-orientated scripting language. Although originally designed to produce dynamic web pages it is increasingly being used for standalone applications.

The need for these sophisticated application platforms is being driven, at least in part, by the broadening of client devices (mobile phones, tablet devices, televisions, and others – yet to come!) that are being used to access web services.

Today’s web user is demanding a more flexible and intuitive website browsing experience. PHP helps developers to remove some of the processing done by web languages and asks web servers to do the work instead. This server activity is often done “on the fly” i.e. on demand. PHP is one language that is very popular in producing results of this nature.

MySQL database development

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is a highly-respected enterprise-class database system.

JoomlaWordPressMagento and OpenCart are written in PHP and we deploy them on MySQL databases.

Together PHP and MySQL form the M and the P in the LAMP stack. The L means Linux (the language of the web server) and A is Apache another platform designed for very fast web servers.

Clickingmad use a wide range of technologies to create attractive, feature rich and flexible web applications. These in turn help our clients present their company in the best way possible using the latest in available web functionality.