Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems allow the website owner to make changes to their website without paying website developers and website designers to do it for them. Content Management Systems have evolved from very clunky text editors to feature rich complete control systems for the whole website. Our CMS systems for example allow our clients to;

  • Change the header images – even if we have created a moving presentation for them.
  • Change the text and images used on the individual pages of their website.
  • Change the structure of the website via the menu.
  • Alter many of the other functions the website performs.

We train our clients to look after their own websites so that we can get on with promoting them using our SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Services.

All of the software we use to create our various websites have some elements of Content Management System within them. All are Open Source, which means you do not have expensive license fees to pay every year. That has to be a good thing.

Joomla! – The second most popular Open Source software, worldwide. This is a best of breed CMS system as it offers amazing opportunities for control for our clients. We only lock down those areas that don’t change very often such as logo, contact data and other information as agreed with the client. Everything else is up for change if our clients want it to be. We provide training and custom module development for this platform.

WordPress – The most popular of Blogging tools available and we use it to help with SEO using generic (descriptive) domain names. Also we use it to provide the news features with linking to external Social Media sites for automatic updating etc.

Magento – A great Ecommerce website platform. Clients can control the prices, descriptions and availability of the products in this powerful software. They can also communicate with their customers with a single click of a mouse, creating and developing relationships with their website visitors and customers.

Content Management used to be the domain of very expensive websites who had bespoke platforms developed for them. We have lots more information about these programs and how they can help you. Simply click on the links on the left hand menu.