WordPress Blog Development

What is a WordPress website?

Originally WordPress was used to blog. The term comes from two words; “web” and “log”.

To blog or “blogging” as it has come to be known is now carried out by many different individuals, groups and businesses. The idea is that you keep people who are interested in your views, comments or products and services, up to date with what you are doing as they have subscribed to your Blog to “follow” you. These visitors are therefore interested in what you have to say.

The reason why we advocate businesses use blogs within their website is that the software has some excellent features to assist their website’s performance. Namely:

  • Very Easy to Update your news
  • Accessible by Mobile Devices
  • Very Search Engine Friendly – (the real reason we like it)
  • One update in your blog can update numerous other Social Media services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most downloaded Open Source software. (Number 2 is Joomla! – If you are interested). Some headline figures:

  • As we write this page there are 74,652,825 WordPress installations currently live online.
  • Over 395 million people view more than 3.7 billion pages each month.

We can make your WordPress work for you as an integral part of your website. To have discussions about why WordPress design and installations from Clickingmad is the way forward, please do give us a call.

Interesting external link that shows people publishing using WordPress – LIVE. Click here to see this (opens a new window)