Website Submission

Submit or not to submit, that is the question

Website search engine submission used to be the main way to get websites noticed by search engines, in fact Clickingmad was one of the first UK companies to offer the service.

These days it is less important but is still a recognised way of ensuring that the search engines are reminded to come and look at your website. Without the search engines indexing – or recording your website, you will get nowhere.

In our opinion a regular programme of monthly submission of certain pages and sections is still required. Google has a system of “spiders” that trawl through the web indexing the content of websites. Bear in mind that there is no guarantee it will do that for yours and they even state that it can take as long as 6 months to do this.

A good idea when planning your website and considering what functionality to include in it is to look at your competitors. The fact that the web is so big gives you ample opportunity to look at someone else in your field and consider what they are doing online. You don’t have to copy them, but perhaps you can improve on what they are doing.

Should you submit your website?

Your website should definitely be submitted but we suggest you engage a professional to do it for you. Often in-house webmasters make mistakes and “over” submit. If Google, or indeed any other search engine, decides that you are trying to manipulate their index, your website will fall off the cliff of rankings and it takes a long time and much work to put that right.  Contact us for assistance.