Magento Ecommerce Websites

Clickingmad are experienced and qualified Magento developers. You may have spelled it Magneto Ecommerce, a lot of people do! It’s Magento, a bit like the colour except with an “o”.

We can make your Magento site look good AND bring in sales.

As one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, Magento handles over £10 billion in transactions every year.

Clickingmad have worked with the platform for many years and have honed our skills to the extent that we are able to make Magento do exactly what you want it to do.

Bear in mind that, unless you have in house technical ability to our standard you will need our continued support to increase your conversion rates, build your sales base and communicate effectively through this powerful ecommerce platform.

Integration with Magento

If you have a back office system that you want to run the stock control or the payment system within your website then we can help with that as well. Magento is powerful and can connect with many different systems. Our job as Magento developers is to find the right way to do that integration so that the user sees exactly what you want them to see and is looked after all the way through their transaction on your website.

You still need high quality website design and technical development skills to make your Magento website work to its full potential.

You still have to design for your target audience no matter what platform you use. The Magento website design process is every much a part of the development of a successful Magento installation as the back office system.

As qualified Magento Developers, Clickingmad are ideally placed to bring your website to the top in the search engines like Google, we are perfectly positioned to look at how you improve conversions on your Magento website and to give you all the help you need to ensure your on going website development exceeds your expectations.

To see our range of website designs that include some Magento ecommerce websites then please click the portfolio button below.