Search Engine Promotion

Clickingmad Ltd has been promoting websites since February 2000. In fact we have probably forgotten more than most web designers know about this subject.

In fact one of our claims to fame, (which has made us feel good for many years since) we successfully increased the visitor traffic to the then Virgin Direct (now known as Virgin Money) website. An increase of over 100% in web visitors was gained in under 6 weeks.

We provide our client with advice on:

  • Increasing traffic numbers
  • Engaging with your website visitor
  • Converting more visitors into enquiries and sales

Frankly if you have a website and you aren’t promoting it in some way, then you have wasted your money.

Our team of dedicated staff have only one responsibility when it comes to promoting our clients websites. To ensure our clients’ success.

We have created a separate website for our Search Engine Promotion services. (also called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation)