Website Design – For SEO Success

If SEO is all about website success then website design is a big part of the story

In our opinion there are numerous things to consider when planning website promotion. One of those things is the design and the functionality within the website. Taking time and getting the right advice when thinking about how your new website will look and feel will pay for itself many times over.

Think ahead

The planning stage of the website development is crucial to the success of the project. Make sure you involve your chosen website developers right at the beginning; their experience will be invaluable to you. What is the actual aim of the website? You need a clear goal for the website, a desired effect such as generating more enquiries, selling more products or communicating important information to your customers.

Website design is not just about the colours and fonts. It’s also about the structure of the navigation and menu: the route you want to take your web visitors through to reach your goals. This is as important as all the technical SEO work that we do.

Website structure and navigation

Simplicity is king. Too many websites make the user think too hard and also end up misleading the search engines. Try to describe your products and services within the navigation itself.

Try doing a search on “products” in Google. You will get 5,360 million possible results – quite a bit of competition for the top spot. By using a more specific search term such as “coping stones” the potential results are reduced by 99.9%. If you apply that to your website navigation – or menu titles, your website will benefit.

Let Google understand that you want to be considered for your specific products and services rather than a more generic terms that are useless to Google.