Support Levels Available

Ranging from small manufacturing companies through to multinational global corporations. All Clickingmad clients deserve and receive the same levels of customer support.

These are real life examples of the types of support we provide:

  • Client A has moved premises and has a website that needs a one off change to the information on their contact us page for example. No sweat, done in probably a few minutes.

Cost: No Charge.

  • Client B has two new staff starting and needs two new email addresses adding to their system. A previous staff member needs to be restricted from accessing their website.

Cost: No Charge

  • Client C wants us to add articles to their blog every week. They provide us with the copy and related images and they rest assured that it is completed to a high standard within a few hours.

Cost: Included in their on-going support contract.

  • Client D needs major changes to his ecommerce website on a regular basis. New Banners and Sales Campaigns creating from scratch. Creation, sending and monitoring an email campaign to their 30,000 existing customers.

Cost: Mostly covered by a bespoke Support Contract. Some will be at extra cost already priced and agreed.

Our support packages are tailored to your needs!