Google Analytics

Often when a take over happens online it results in poor performance, no customer benefits, a lack of clear direction and a definite certainty that its day’s are numbered.

Not so with Urchin Software. In 1998 a team headed by Paul Muret developed a tool for looking closely at the activity and statistics that web servers naturally log. It was an immediate hit with developers such as Clickingmad because:-

  1. It was free
  2. It looked very cool
  3. Our clients could eaily understand what was happening on their website.

In 2005 Google bought Urchin Software and renamed the main product Google Analytics. We have to applaud Google for not only continuing the great work that Urchin were doing but also for the improvements they have made to this very easy to use and detailed software. We install Google Analytics in every website we design and build.

Today Google Analytics has a fantastic range of data crunching abilities that help a website owner know exactly what is going on and when and by whom.

We provide a range of services connected to Google Analytics to help specifically with our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and more especially to help with usability testing – where we look closely at your visitors at what they are doing on your website – then we figure out the all important – “why”.

We have also created a special website that deals with all things promotion and we talk a lot more about Google Analytics in there.