Hosting at Rackspace

Quality hosting is a lot more important than many folks think. Hosting is the only service that Clickingmad outsources. With good reason.

Since 2000 Clickingmad have hosted in many different places across the UK and the World.

Too many times over the first 10 years of our business we have been let down by our hosting providers with loss of connection, hardware breakdown, terrible service and lack of technical knowledge.

Remember for Clickingmad where we host is the most important business purchase we can make. Simply, if we don’t have the best hosting provision then we cannot design, build and promote the best websites.

Common misconception: “Cheap hosting is as good as expensive.”

Well we think that’s a bit like saying that that its OK for your email not to work and no one be there to fix it and stop it happening again.

If you have a simple text only website, or you are a fully-fledged web server administrator, then potentially you can host your website for only a few pounds per month. But today’s websites are feature rich complex database solutions that demand very high levels of service provision from the hosting provider.

Only by choosing the best hosting can you be sure that your website, it’s functionality, speed and security are monitored effectively by the hosting provider.

Downsides for “cheap” hosting:

  • You have to do everything yourself and be an expert web server administrator.
  • There can be no flexibility.
  • Communication is terrible, even if at all possible.
  • Upgrades are never included.
  • You’re putting your website in potentially bad company, without sufficient security or sensible website owners.

That’s why Clickingmad has used Rackspace for many years – Without a hitch.

Never scrimp on hosting. It is far too valuable a part of your web strategy to leave it as a box ticking exercise.

If you have any questions about hosting then do give us a shout.

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