Website Planning and Corporate Design Guidelines

Planning is key to the success of a website. I have a client who is taking about 8 months to plan their website evolution and style. Now you might think that’s a long time.. and I guess you’re right. Suffice to say normally we take 6 to 8 weeks to develop a new website from scratch. This particular client has some restrictions on what they can have and how they can look as they are owned by a French head office. This is not a new story for Clickingmad ThyssenKrupp, the large German conglomerate has many companies within its flock in the UK. Clickingmad is lucky enough to have been chosen, some time ago to be the UK’s provider for all their UK companies as far as web is concerned. We went through a rigorous tendering procedure, interestingly they didn’t tell us it was for the UK as a whole. But when we were informed we had won and what it represented for us well, we were chuffed I can tell you.

We often have to respect strict design guidelines that maintains a strong corporate ethos and I agree with that principle as long as it does not affect what the local company can do online. We in fact have created corporate styling guidelines ourselves as part of our graphic design work.

If you have a design that is “locked down” by your group head office, talk to us, we can still make it shine.