Websites that don’t work

We have all experienced frustrating problems with websites that don’t work as they should. As an iPad owner I know this only too well. Try for example to complete complex forms online with an iPad. You can’t.

Today I experienced a strange twist to the “I’m sorry sir the system wont let me” scenario. I have recently agreed to buy a new car. One of the few treats I allow my business to provide me with is a nice vehicle. Although I am not sure if it has affected how some potential clients feel when they see me roll up in a smart car, perhaps it has.

Anyway I digress, today I telephoned my insurance company to get the details of my car changed and received a very frustrating response. The company concerned: Zurich insurance have been pretty good over the past few years, this year in particular when I have been bashed by other drivers, one in the rear when stationary and one when I wasn’t even in the car. (I did see it happen though as I was carrying my cappuccino to the car at the time!)

Zurich have been helpful, organised and efficient, in the main, until now.

Earlier this year Mercedes changed their model badging and altered the designation of the vehicle concerned although all other aspects of the car have remained the same, Mercedes tell me.

I asked for a quote on the new vehicle and the chap said he couldn’t find it on their system. The type of car wasn’t listed he said. So I delved a bit deeper and it appears that Zurich has forgotten to add the designation of this vehicle to it’s car database on their back office system. The system that powers their website.

My point in mentioning this is that website owners should do their damnedest to ensure that the information they hold on a database driven website, that in this case also runs their “real people”, should be meticulously kept up to date.

I along with all other ML300 owners out there lament that Zurich have forgotten us, even those of us who are existing customers.

Come on Zurich keep up with times, you have now lost business because your website is not up to date.

Is there a message for all website owners?