SSL Stop press: You now NEED to secure your website.

Website security - ssl's
Do you want your website contact form to look like this? Image courtesy of Google.
Q: Why do you need an SSL on your website?
A: Because Google will show your website as NOT SAFE if you don’t.

In June 2016 I wrote a blog article on why you should secure your website. The full article is here:

Essentially an SSL means that communication between the website you are using and the server it is hosted on is treated as a secure connection. You will have noticed the padlock on shopping websites, for example.

All websites now need securing with an SSL, not just shopping websites.

There has recently been an update by Google.

In an update reported to me today Google has said that from January it will effectively penalise websites that do not use a secure connection.

They now tell us that they expect to be warning users not to use forms on websites that are not secured by an SSL. (SSL stands for secure socket layer) within their Chrome browser. Your website visitor will leave your website if they see this.

You have been warned!

If you want advice on what type of SSL your website needs, then please get in touch with us. All our advice is free.