Your website is at risk of being hacked soon. Act Now…

As you know Clickingmad Ltd are very experienced Joomla Developers. When we are Joomla 3.2 hackedtold by Joomla of an important update we let everyone know, clients or not.


If you use Joomla as your website content management system, please note the following:

Your Joomla website is at risk of being hacked!

The Joomla project has released version 3.4.5 to patch a critical security vulnerability in ALL VERSIONS of Joomla from 3.2 onward. A couple of lesser security issues were fixed in the same release.

Since scripts to exploit this vulnerability are already circulating, if you haven’t yet updated your Joomla sites to version 3.4.5 then you should drop everything and do so immediately then proceed to do a full security review, including changing all passwords.

Assume you have been hacked unless you can positively prove otherwise.

Details of the release can be found here: Announcement from Joomla.- (opens a new website).

If you need help contact your current service provider or Clickingmad Ltd on 01746 7869612.

Further Information

Joomla is a very popular Open Source CMS (content management system) which is used by many of the worlds most popular websites. Clickingmad Ltd are UK based web developers who are fully experienced in working with Joomla. One of our staff is even on the leadership panel for the whole Joomla project, worldwide. We always recommend you use experienced developers to design and build your Joomla website.

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