Bridgnorth Endowed
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Bridgnorth Endowed School

Bridgnorth Endowed is a co-educational secondary school with academy status, located in the heart of Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Previously a grammar school, it combines a solid 500-year history with great modern facilities and a progressive approach to education.

Project Overview

Bridgnorth Endowed came to us with an outdated website and a desire to create a fresh online presence to reflect its strong sense of identity and new direction. They were looking to convey a more exciting, enriching offering at the school and build on the brand to find resonance with multiple audiences.

It was up to us to connect the online experience with the in-house experience and translate the essence of the school – we understood loud and clear, gaining approval with our first round of design proofs.


Our approach to the Bridgnorth Endowed website was to capture the school’s brand personality in the design and deliver a smoother, more intuitive user-experience. With user engagement a top priority, our team focused on enhancing usability, searchability and functionality. It was vital to ramp up how the site felt, loaded, worked.

The school had an established and recognisable logo using a bold colour palette of deep red and navy blue, which our designers harnessed to craft a solid yet striking brand-specific style. The generous, open design provided the ideal framework to feature the high-quality imagery of the student experience at the school, breathing life into the site and injecting personality.

"We’re thrilled with the new website, which comes at an exciting time for the school." "The bold new design and improved functionality have taken our online presence to another level and we’re particularly pleased with the blog as it allows us to showcase all the great things that happen in school." The advanced new homepage was designed to draw focus to the school’s key messages – a welcome from the new Headteacher, and an opportunity to interact by either watching a video tour, exploring the school’s events calendar or engaging with storytelling through the blog.

To manage the vast amount of content and avoid the usual over-crowded top navigation bar with long, unwieldy drop-down menus, stylised banners were positioned in the new layout to allow for discreet sub-menus and separated areas for each group to explore content specific to them.

Interconnectivity was made available on all appropriate pages with quick links menus for lateral navigation, signposting users to all related information. These features gave the client full flexibility to optimise their information architecture and navigation, enabling users from several distinct groups – current and prospective students and parents, staff, governors and the local community – to easily find what they’re looking for.

When the structural direction of the site had been determined, we were tasked with finding technical solutions to presenting the information in more interesting ways rather than pages and pages of copy. Making the content highly visual was a key objective in driving engagement. Our developers added accordion boxes and tables throughout the site, improving page layouts by presenting essential data in easy-to-view formats.

For Bridgnorth Endowed to amplify their long and fascinating history that dates right back to 1503, we worked with them to capture the salient dates in a visually appealing timeline. Web forms were included to allow for more efficient conversions at key points – contact the Sixth Form, report an absence, and general enquiries.

On the backend we implemented a fully responsive solution backed by Joomla CMS and a WordPress blog was integrated into the site to give the client a flexible, easy-to-maintain way to manage regular news and updates. With the right look, content and functionality in place, we ensured that the site would perform consistently across all browsers and devices.

News of an imminent Ofsted inspection looming meant the school needed a rapid turnaround and through our seamless planning, execution and launch processes, Clickingmad were able to respond.

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Services Provided

  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Joomla CMS
  • WordPress Blog
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Speed Optimisation
  • UX User Experience Design
  • Hosting


The new Bridgnorth Endowed website delivers an enhanced user experience with its bold, impressive look, and distinct zoning.

It fosters trust and confidence in the school through an academic yet approachable feel, together with a greater sense of connection through dynamic elements such as the blog and events sections.

Navigation is easy, direct and clear and functionality is smart. When the client asked for a site to improve its image and brand online, we listened.

We’re thrilled with the new website, which comes at an exciting time for the school.

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