Designing Your Site

Designing Your Site


Creating the perfect experience for your users

For your website to work effectively it must be created with your specific target users in mind. Tailoring the User Experience (UX) ensures that the emotions your users feel when browsing your site are the ones you want them to feel. 





Designing Your Site

The ingredients for digital success

Your website should be:

  • Targeted at your customers
  • Attractively designed and well-organised
  • Fast loading and work on different devices
  • Engaging and exciting to your visitors

How do you achieve this? Well, that's where we come in.

How do we understand you and your audience?

We understand your customers' needs
We learn how visitors currently interact with your site
We identify ways to improve visitors experiences of you

What design planning do we provide?

We outline a clear direction for all research and design activities
We prioritise design focus based on your business goals
We ensure everyone is aligned with the key aims

How do we design the solution'?

We test design hypotheses early and often
We gather user feedback on multiple designs
We share insights and roadmaps with the wider business

The roadmap to user experience (UX) success

  • Learn

  • Research

    Customer research
    Competitive analysis
    Complimentary colours
    Current vision
  • Understand

    Positioning and messaging
    Future needs
  • Design

    Concept creation
    Test and revisit
    Set deadlines
  • Deploy

    Finalise style
    Implement and test
    Beta test
    Measure success

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