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"Successful website design is about understanding the client's business, and more importantly, their customer and then ensuring effective communication between the two." Shaun Carvill
MD. Clickingmad Ltd
Having a professional website developed is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity.

Clickingmad understands how important your company website is, not just to you, but to your customers as well. So rather than just throwing together an existing template, all of our websites are designed from scratch and built just for you.

As part of the process we get to know you and your business, we need to understand what makes your business tick, what sets it apart from others, and your online goals. Once we have full understanding then we start the process of design.

Working with our clients
We brainstorm ideas with you and agree the overall look and feel of your new website. We work closely with you and your internal (and external) stakeholders about what it is that should ideally be featured on your website.

Ongoing support
We know, from over 17 years in the business, that client aftersales support is crucial to ensure the success of investing in a new website. How often have you seen pages out of date on a website? Too often.

At Clickingmad we provide cost effective ways of ensuring your company's website is reflective of who you are today by updating the website for you.

Designing websites for the way they are used today.

Mobile phones
All Clickingmad websites are responsive. This means that your new website will display correctly on all types of screen sizes and devices. An ever-increasing number of people use mobile phones for Internet browsing, therefore making your website responsive is of paramount importance.

Multi and mixed media
You will notice that modern websites present content in many different ways. There are now options to include image galleries, video presentations, social media links, databases, ecommerce functions, secure client areas, blogs, and forums. In fact, if you have seen something on a website that you like, we can probably create it for you as well.

What sort of website do you need?

To make it easier to pick the best type of website for your business we can split them into three distinct types and these types use different software, have different abilities, and vary in cost.

We select the best and most stable platforms to use on your new website.

Brochure Websites using WordPress

Brochure websites can be considered as either your first business website or a refresh of an old and tired website.

WordPress is great for:

  • Start-Up businesses
  • Refreshing an outdated website style
  • Presentation of large images & video
  • Update Social Media in one click
  • A Low Cost solution

WordPress is used by many big name brands particularly in media:

BBC America - Star Wars - Variety - Sony Music - MTV News - Beyonce - Walt Disney

WordPress is great for strong presentation.

Corporate Websites using Joomla!

If you need something more specialised to reflect your company then a 'Corporate Website' using Joomla! may be more suitable.

Joomla! is perfect for:

  • Bespoke corporate presentation
  • Adding clever functionality that sets you apart
  • Integration into third party software
  • Larger and more complex websites
  • When you need more flexibility

Joomla! is a good choice for your corporate website. Here is a short list of impressive names using Joomla!:

Ebay - IKEA - Holiday Inn - United Nations - National Crime Agency (UK)

Joomla!'s pedigree is well-established.

Ecommerce Websites using Magento

Ecommerce websites sell products and services online. We are qualified Magento developers, there are few systems better at selling online than Magento.

Magento is ideal for:

  • Secure and Safe Ecommerce
  • High Performance capabilities
  • Cross-selling and up-selling built-in
  • Easy Mobile Shopping Experience
  • Ease of Integration

Magento is used on some very well known ecommerce websites. Recognise any?

Coca Cola - Ford - Olympus - Nike - Nestle Nespresso - Harvery Nicholls - Helly Hansen - Land Rover - Bulgari

Magento puts you in good company

If you have read all the way down this page, well done.

You deserve a break and a cup of tea!

One final point: Clickingmad have been trading for over 17 years, and that's a long time in our profession.

We can design and build a website for you that sets you apart from your competitors and ensure it brings in new business and secures existing relationships.

We have designed, built, and promoted websites in the following sectors:

  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Building
  • Business 2 Business
  • Charity
  • Chemicals
  • Design
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Estate Agency
  • Exporting
  • Fashion
  • FMCG
  • Food
  • Government
  • Ground works
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Local Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Online Retail
  • Property
  • Retail (stores)
  • Service Sector
  • Steel
  • Third Sector
  • Travel Agency
  • Veterinary Practice

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