Plan the outcome - leave nothing to chance

The process of planning your digital strategy isn't fixed. It needs to be fluid to allow for differences in your sector, your clients and your own current position.

By understanding the specific needs of your customers we forensically focus on the goals and results desired.

With Clickingmad you get fresh independent digital planning with no web speak, no politics, no preconceived notions, and no agendas.

Our core focus is innovation: pairing creativity and strategy to create effective solutions. We want to solve your toughest problems and work together on your biggest opportunities with our collaborative team.

Digital Planning Success

The best way to provide answers to often complex or mission critical needs is to use a collaborative process of discussion and understanding. Focussed creativity can help solve the most complicated issues and provide fantastic results.

Your Frame

Through dialogue, we frame the problem or opportunity.

We then harmonise our understanding of your business and audience, your existing ideas and needs, and your competitors and the market place in which you operate.

Once we fully understand the problem or opportunity, we can suggest the correct route to take.

Your Inspiration

The problem or opportunity has been framed, we then fill the frame with a collection of insights, ideas, and images that connect ideas into inspiration.

In the process, we may iterate on a collection of design concepts, wireframes, prototypes, or simple guiding visuals.

Design thinking connects collaborative input into an clear strategy you can see.

Your Solution

We believe digital problems and opportunities require ‘outside the box’ input to create solutions.

We combine our designers' input with input from our business strategists and developers to collaborate and agree on the top ideas that have value.

The solution is then presented to you in a visual way to fully explain our rationale.

The right people for the right task

We select the right staff with the right experience and create multi-skilled teams to find your solution.

The teams are made up of marketeers, business strategists, designers, developers and content editors to deliver fresh thinking.

This way we achieve the results you deserve.

The Digital Strategy Planning Roadmap

  • Discovery

    Background details
    Vision and Values
    Target Audience
    Stakeholder insights
  • Research

    Customer research
    Competitive analysis
    Technical Audits
    Current benchmark position
  • Understanding

    Story and Personality
    Market Opportunities
    Positioning and Messaging
    Creative Brief developed
  • Engage

    Gain staff 'buy in'
    Prepare resources
    Set time lines
    Document staging
  • Alignment

    Prepare milestones
    Brief key project staff
    Ensure focus
    Agree measurement

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