Technical Services

The right technology for the right application

With the vast amount of choices for digital success it’s no wonder that choosing the right technology can be daunting.

Clickingmad have thoroughly tested and deployed our chosen back-office systems, CMS (Content Management System) software and related technical services over many years.

This then allows us to be totally confident that the software we choose is absolutely correct when creating your project.

The last thing you need to worry about is whether the website is up and running smoothly - that's our job.

Technical Pedigree

Designing and building websites is both a creative and technical process. That is why we employ designers and developers to come together and create your bespoke solution.

No two projects are the same so we carefully select the right software for you with an eye on your future needs.

Content Management Systems

We are experts with Joomla®, WordPress and Magento.
We choose open source to remove the vendor lock-in problems associated with proprietary software.

We write our own custom code where needed and provide support to other developers using these systems.

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Joomla is a very stable and secure Content Management System capable of complex back office functions, user permissions, document control, membership and integration into other systems. Clickingmad have staff who literally helped 'write the manual' on Joomla.

WordPress is a comprehensive blogging tool that has evolved into a full content management system that can run your website.

Magento is simply the best open source ecommerce software available. We are qualified Magento developers. It is fast and secure and has excellent built in functions to help you sell online.

Bespoke Development

Our skilled developers use a mix of well known code styles and software to create or integrate the software we choose for your particular project.

We have created bespoke applications and code for hundreds of solutions since 2000 and these skills enable us to provide tailored solutions for our clients.

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We have experience in complex integrations and authentication systems that improve security and simplify the user's journey through your website and back office.

Our in house developers are skilled in:

PHP  |  MySQL  |  JavaScript  |  AJAX  |  jQuery  |  Linux  |  CSS  |  HTML  |  XHTML  |  AMP  |  and many more.

If you have a requirement for more than comes 'out of the box' then get in touch and we will provide a free review of how we can help.

Our clients have direct access to our development team as required.

Hosting and DNS

Your Clickingmad website will be fast, secure and available 24/7. We have the skills and experience to ensure that the infrastructure behind your website is managed professionally.

A digital agency should invest in high level technical skills that result in a 'one-stop-shop' for our customers.

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At the very heart of the Internet is hosting and DNS (Domain Names System).

At Clickingmad we host on a range of dedicated servers at Rackspace in London; our cloud services are through Amazon; and we have full control over our own DNS.

As we are qualified partners with registration bodies around the world we look after hundreds of domains and their connected services.

All of our technical ability is focussed on the success of your website.

One phone number and one email address will be all that you need to feel relaxed that your website is managed properly.

Speed - Resilience - Security

At the heart of the internet are systems and software that ensure that your website is available 24/7 and running smoothly.

It's not just about a pretty website, it's about ensuring that the partner you choose has the capability to understand more than just colours and form.

Clickingmad are proud to be technically creative.

The Digital Technology Roadmap

  • Discovery

    Current systems
    Technical ability
    Vendor lock-in
    Technical history
  • Research

    Software suitability
    Open Source v Proprietary
    Technical Audits
    Software shelf life
  • Understanding

    Current needs
    Future needs
    Training needs
    Integration needs
  • Deployment

    Beta testing
    Roll out milestones
    Document handling/storage
    Permission Setting
  • Support

    Emergency assistance
    Agree measurement

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