There's gold in them there 'deeps'

Top line numbers such as visitor numbers, bounce rates and acquisition stats are great and can inform you about many actions about how users engage with your website.

However, when you drill down to the deep parts of your website, analysis of these areas provide much more valuable insight into what areas of your website are actually working.

Visitors take actions and show distinct trends in these areas that are often missed, but these can help you improve your conversion rate dramatically through analysis and action.

We discuss more about these services below.

At this level, you can see what numbers are hitting your home page, and how many bounce away. Understanding how this can be improved with A/B testing of different layouts to improve click through rates, is a service we can offer.

Further down are your lower pages. Probably your most important products or services yet your least visited pages as they are hard to find, especially if your internal search isn't up to scratch - which is a common problem.

We monitor dwell time and scrolling, combined with targeted actions completed, so we can improve website performance.

Here we often find PDF's or printable or downloadable documents that are rarely accessed. These are often valuable resources that you ideally would want your visitors to see.

We work to improve their visibility within the structure of your website.

At the base of your website is the code that creates the pages, the colours and the layout. We look closely at how these are created and suggest improvements to help with website speed and functionality.

Also here is where we consider your chosen Content Management System. Is it up to the job? Can it be tweaked to improve performance? Can you easily edit your content?

Where and how your website is hosted can have dramatic effects on your website speed, its position in Google and the overall security of your website and its data.

We can assess the quality of your hosting and offer suggestions on how to improve this often overlooked - yet fundamental part of a successful website.

The Internet is a series of connected nodes, these nodes have numbers as their physical addresses - your website has a number associated with your hosting space and your website domain name.

Your domain is part of your brand identity. As such it needs to be the right one for your business; easy to remember, easy to write down and ideally should describe your products or services.

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