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Towards a sustainable way of life

Clickingmad is very passionate about the impact we have on the environment and the ethical treatment of people.

Here are some of the environmental issues we have already considered:

For our customers

We try to keep business communication and documents in electronic format, to cut down on paper use (e.g. your design work concepts, invoices and correspondence will be via email).

We even try to avoid paper cheques and we usually pay and receive money via online banking.

In the office

We buy our 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy.

We have installed secondary glazing inside our old sash windows to save heat loss.

We use BT Internet (BT signed the world´s biggest renewable energy deal).

Clickingmad use MacBook Pro computers, low energy light bulbs and recycled paper toilet rolls. We drink fair trade coffee and eat fair trade bananas to keep us going. We all strive to eat and drink sustainable products.

We are strong believers in existing and emerging communications technology, and the assistance it provides for everyday contact. If you have a Zoom or Teams access, we are quite happy to video-talk or instant message you as an alternative to email and telephone calls.


In addition to our environmentally conscious practices we also try to look after our suppliers, we pay them on time and support them, when requested, with testimonials and sometimes with advice.

We would not do business with a company we know to be ethically irresponsible. (e.g. those that exploit humans or animals, or those involved in arms trading, the oil industry, etc.).

This may all sound a bit pompous, but we think every little thing makes a difference.