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Clickingmad is a technology company that uses a wide range of third-party service providers to bring the best software to our clients' websites.

We use the following companies to provide security, functionality, visitor tracking and visitor conversions, web server configurations and software development. Some are content management systems that we have become extremely proficient in; allowing our clients to control their own websites with us in support when needed. Some are used to make our websites fast, safe and secure.

If you have any questions about our technologies that we use to craft wonderful websites, please get in touch.

Website Security Partners

Website security is something we take very seriously. We were one of the first web companies to actively promote and install security certificates for all our website clients.

We work with all the major names in SSL (secure socket layer) certificate providers. We install these into our clients' websites which secures the connections between a user's web browser and the webserver.

This provides assurance that your website is secure and the user is reassured.

Website Content Management Systems

This software runs your website and provides the platform for all content and images to be displayed, and controls the structure of the website.

After training you can control whole sections of the website at will with us acting as support and back up when needed.

We only use open source software which means you won't have to pay any license fees to use them for your own website.

Webserver Technologies and software

We use Rackspace in London as our chosen dedicated hosting provider and Amazon for our Cloud offering.

We use the latest hardware and software to ensure our clients' websites are hosted on the best provision we can find.

Choosing the right platforms to host a website on is extremely important for a number of crucial reasons:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Support

Our servers have the latest in firewall and security systems in place so that we are confident that our hosting is amongst the best available for your website delivery.

Business Partnerships

Like any business, who we choose to partner with indicates our strategic goals and our focus on client success.

For example we take exams to remain as Google Partners to hone and improve our skills as experts in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

We integrate third party software through API's and other methods to provide clever functionality and payment choices into clients' websites.

These show that we take the results of the websites we produce very seriously indeed.