A Shropshire web design company has come to the rescue after life saving equipment was stolen from a park in its home town.

Staff at Bridgnorth-based Clickingmad were distressed to hear that a vital defibrillator had been snatched from outside Bridgnorth Rowing Club in Bandon Lane, near the river Severn.

The equipment had previously been funded by the rowing club but was also available for public use in the adjoining Severn Park.

Now Clickingmad has stepped in to replace the defibrillator and its cabinet to help save lives.

Members of the team recently officially handed over the new equipment to the rowing club.

Clickingmad managing director Shaun Carvill said that the theft came shortly after the whole Clickingmad team had completed a day-long first aid course.

“We had learnt about the use of defibrillators and how their availability regularly saves lives in real emergencies.

“We couldn’t understand why anyone would have stolen the equipment particularly as it is in such a well-used park with rugby pitches and a children’s play area nearby as well as the rowing club.

“We immediately wanted to do something to help so contacted the rowing club with an offer to fund a replacement. The defibrillator is an important life-saving community resource in our home town and it was the least we could do,” he said.

The new equipment has now been officially handed over to Martin Evans, safety officer at Bridgnorth Rowing Club.

"The generosity shown by Shaun and the team at Clickingmad has been absolutely tremendous. This device is an essential resource not just for the rowing club but for the entire Bridgnorth community. We're deeply indebted," said Martin.

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