When choosing a website company, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make the right decision. Here are some steps to guide you in choosing a website company:

Define your website requirements:

Think about what you are trying to achieve. What is your website's purpose, goals, and the features and functionality you need. Consider factors such as design, e-commerce capabilities, content management system (CMS), scalability, and any specific industry requirements.

Set a budget:

Determine your budget for website development and maintenance. This will help you narrow down your options and find a company that fits within your financial constraints. Don't always choose the cheapest option. There is nothing more frustrating than to realise - too late - that the company cannot provide what are looking for. You will have wasted your money.

Research and shortlist companies:

Is it useful for you to be able to visit them? So think about their location. A lot of companies operate remotely, some even overseas - even though they may look like they are based in the UK. We would also recommend you go and visit likely candidates. The relationship you have with them throughout the process is by far the most important thing when looking for a new supplier. You need to get on with the staff and form a good relationship that is based on trust.

Look for website development companies that have experience and a good reputation. You can also search online directories, read reviews, and evaluate portfolios of potential companies.



Evaluate their expertise:

Review the expertise and services offered by each company. Consider their experience in your industry or niche, the types of websites they have developed, their design capabilities, and their technical expertise in programming languages, CMS platforms, and other relevant technologies.

Check their portfolio and references:

Look at the company's portfolio to assess the variety of their previous work. Pay attention to their design aesthetics, user experience, and functionality. Additionally, ask for references from their past clients and contact them to enquire about their experiences working with the company.

Assess their communication and support:

Effective communication is vital throughout the website development process. Evaluate how responsive and communicative the company is during your initial interactions.

Ensure they have a dedicated project manager or point of contact who can address your questions and concerns promptly. Enquire about their post-launch support and maintenance options as well.

At Clickingmad we focus on providing an unrivalled customer experience. To repeat, the relationship you have with your supplier can make the difference between a successful website or a feeling of wasting your time and money.

Consider their approach to SEO and marketing:

A well-designed website is essential, but it's equally important that the company understands search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing strategies. Enquire about their approach to SEO, content strategy, and their ability to create websites that are optimised for search engines.

As SEO was the very first service that Clickingmad provided in 2000, we know what a website needs to be successful in search engines. All of our websites are tested not just for security but also for the requirements of search engines to index the content. Combined with further optional SEO services your website should achieve great rankings for your most important keywords and phrases.

Schedule consultations or meetings:

It's beneficial to have direct discussions with the shortlisted companies. Schedule meetings to discuss your project in detail, clarify any questions or concerns, and get a sense of how well you can work together.

Request proposals and quotes:

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential companies, request detailed proposals that outline their proposed approach, timelines, deliverables, and costs. Compare the proposals to see which company aligns best with your requirements and budget.

Most good website design companies will not provide you with a blind quote, they will need to dicuss your needs in detail to make sure they can provide what you want at the budget you have set. Certainly at Clickingmad we have found that plans often change (for the better) after we have discussed projects with potential clients.

Make an informed decision:

After evaluating all the above factors, weigh the pros and cons of each company and make an informed decision based on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.
Remember, choosing the right website company is crucial for the success of your online presence.

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