Clickingmad's Compassion Extends Beyond Code: 

The year 2023 saw Clickingmad extend its hand of support to various charitable causes, reflecting a corporate ethos that goes beyond business and underscores the importance of community well-being.

Shropshire Music Service

One notable initiative in 2023 was Clickingmad's support for Shropshire Music Service, an organisation dedicated to nurturing young talents by providing opportunities for children to learn and play musical instruments.

We know about the profound impact of music education on the development of young minds,

Clickingmad contributed both financial support and enthusiasm to help Shropshire Music Service continue its valuable work.

The collaboration aims to empower children through the universal language of music, fostering creativity, discipline, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts. 

To see how our contribution has helped see this infographic.

Clickingmad's love for animals.

The company extended its support to Shropshire Cat Rescue, an organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehoming cats in need.  We feel a genuine passion for the well-being of all creatures great and small.

The charity has been caring for and re-homing rescued and unwanted cats and kittens for over 21 years. In that time they have looked after over 8,000 cats.

Helping families in Telford.

Recognising the challenges faced by families struggling with the cost of living, Clickingmad directed its efforts toward Home-Start Telford & Wrekin.

This charity, which operates locally, provides invaluable assistance to families navigating financial difficulties, offering a lifeline of support and resources.

Clickingmad's contribution aimed to alleviate some of the burdens faced by these families, reinforcing the company's commitment to fostering strong, resilient communities.

Bridgnorth Food Bank.

As the year ended, Clickingmad turned its attention to addressing food insecurity within the community by supporting the Bridgnorth Food Bank.

The food bank plays a crucial role in ensuring that local families facing financial hardships have access to essential food items.

Clickingmad's involvement helped bolster the food bank's ability to meet the growing demand for assistance, providing not just food but also essential items to families in need.

And how does this impact our team?

Charitable giving at Clickingmad isn't merely a box to tick; it's a reflection of the company's core values.

We believe that giving proves Clickingmad's belief that businesses play an integral role in shaping a compassionate and supportive society.

Shaun Carvill our MD says: "We know that being part of a company that prioritises charitable giving can significantly boost employee morale.

Knowing that their workplace is actively contributing to social causes creates a positive and engaging work environment.

The team feels a sense of pride in working for a company that values its social responsibility."

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