The business landscape across the Midlands and the rest of the country has changed significantly in recent months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and without doubt, there will be further changes to come as the economy struggles to its feet.

Businesses have adapted, demonstrated innovation and resilience but unfortunately some will be unable to weather the storm of economic uncertainty.

We’re likely to see a rise in mergers and acquisitions as companies cut costs, consolidate assets and find a way to survive. But such a move can cause a headache and not least when it comes to managing digital assets and multiple websites.

What’s more, dealing with several different agencies to keep the above in order, can be time consuming, costly and challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and over the years, the team at Clickingmad have become adept at managing multiple websites for single clients by developing and writing tailored systems and task management platforms.

We also have a proven track record of working alongside in-house marketing teams and developing bespoke digital strategies to keep everyone on track.

Managing Director Shaun Carvill said: “There are so many advantages to having one agency manage your entire digital portfolio across multiple companies, not least from an admin and support perspective.


“Having just one number to call for web support regardless of how many websites you have in operation is far easier than having to work your way through a list of numbers for different agencies. Dealing with a dedicated team member is also a breath of fresh air and makes the entire process easier. We know our clients’ websites inside and out, so the support is seamless.”

“There are lots of other benefits too when it comes to editing content and structure of websites, hosting on one platform rather than several and bespoke digital planning and strategy assistance – all in one place, which saves time and money which in the current climate is an absolute no brainer.”
But don’t just take our word for it.

We work with a wide portfolio of businesses across multiple industry sectors and one of them is the MARS Corporation. Here’s what their digital marketing manager had to say about our work: “Clickingmad help us to look after more than 40 of our websites, their support is quick, responsive, and cost effective. I can highly recommend them”.

The Clickingmad team have been building websites and providing support to businesses for 20 years but the last few months have been some of its busiest times yet supporting existing and new clients with their digital communications as they navigate their way through the global pandemic.


It’s true that more and more businesses have come to rely on their websites and associated digital assets for continued trade throughout lockdown and this is likely to remain the case for many months and years to come.

So, if you are embarking on an acquisition or company merger, growing your business portfolio or taking your business online for the first time the team at Clickingmad can support and provide:

  • 24/7 ‘support’
  • GDPR compliance audits
  • Automated cookie control systems
  • Editing of content and structure of websites
  • Rebuilding and redesigning if required
  • Hosting on one platform rather than multiple
  • Domain name management
  • DNS control to ensure that email and websites are error free
  • Search engine optimisation, nationally or locally to build Google traffic
  • PPC campaign set up and management (nationally or locally)
  • Bespoke digital planning and strategy assistance
  • Live reporting dashboards on many stats in addition to the ‘usual’
  • Reporting tailored to audience
  • Tracking of success and conversion measures into single dashboards from multiple websites

For further information or advice contact the team at or call 01746 769612.

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