You’ve set up your superb new website and now you’re sitting back and waiting for the enquiries to come flooding in – right?

Well not quite. Even the best designed, brand-enhancing website will struggle to pull in the responses you’re looking for if search engine optimisation is not part of your overall marketing strategy.

It’s one of the most difficult elements of digital marketing to organise whether you have a snazzy new website or are auditing a well-established site. So you may want to bring in some expert support.

We’ve been helping our clients with their SEO campaigns as part of our digital services for 23 years – in fact it was our very first service offering!. We understand that you want to make sure you are getting the right service at the right price.

So to help you navigate the maze of SEO services on offer, here are five essential questions to put to your potential new provider and our tips on the answers you should be looking for.

Having expert SEO support to drive traffic to your website could be make or break for your business. With our 23 years of website development experience, including many years as certified Google partners, we have provided website design and SEO services to thousands of businesses in the West Midlands and beyond.

If you would like further information on SEO or on how our digital experts can help your business contact us at, give us a call on 01746 769612, or fill out our online contact form.

Click on the example SEO Questions below and get Answers

What makes a good 'SEO' provider?

Experience and technical skill. These are the two critical factors that will determine the success of any SEO work. We always look at SEO as part of the wider picture of user experience and conversions. I.e. what is and what is not working on the website. There is no point bringing more traffic to a website through SEO that doesn’t convert a visitor into an enquiry or sale. That’s why, a good SEO provider should give high priority to mobile traffic. Mobile SEO is the most important part of Google success.

They should also talk to you about the need to provide quality content updates at least once a month – without that Google will not consider the website to be ‘looked after’ and it needs the updates to show activity. A good service provider will offer content solutions as an optional part of the package.

How long will it be until we start to see SEO results?

Google states it can take up to 6 months for SEO to start working. We usually start to see better rankings within 2-3 months.

Basically, you need to trust your agency to do the job correctly and show you proof it’s working. There are no guarantees to organic SEO results so if immediate results are needed then Google Ads can help.

How do we know SEO is working?

You will see increases in traffic from ‘organic’ searches. And more enquiries through the website! We monitor our clients’ progress through various dashboards and reports that clients can access 24/7. Be wary if the agency you’re talking to doesn’t offer information on how it monitors the whole website experience and shares the results.

Can you provide SEO on a website you haven't developed?

Yes, as long as it has been built correctly. A lot of website designers can make a website look nice but not tick all the boxes that Google expects. This is especially true of WordPress sites. Google uses many elements of a website to rank it in search results and not just plug-ins that apparently help with SEO.

Are all SEO services the same?

Definitely not. Some make wild claims about results, some agencies cannot make the often significant technical changes that Google demands. Be on the alert if the cost for SEO is low, and the provider gives silly guarantees of success.

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